About the project

Morocco is part of a process of waste recovery in a general way and in particular of textile waste. Indeed, this activity generates a significant amount of waste. However, for a country that is strongly present in the field of clothing, Morocco remains very far in the field of recovery of its textile waste. This valorization is mainly oriented towards internal activities of the textile sector without a real diversification towards other economic sectors.
In this context, in 2017/2018 CETEMCO carried out a development project entitled VDT “Development of thermal insulators based on textile waste”. This is a project conducted in collaboration with C2TM (Cluster of Moroccan Technical Textiles). It is part of the general interest activities of the Center and has received a funding support from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Support Fund for Technical Centers “FACET”.


The project consists in developing efficient, competitive and locally produced thermal insulators based on textile waste, thus providing construction professionals with a viable solution to meet the requirements of the Thermal Regulations for Construction in Morocco.


The project was carried out according to the following stages:

– Listing and characterization of the different textile-based thermal insulators available on the market

– Collection and characterization of textile waste samples

– Formulation study and development of two types of thermal insulation based on non-woven textile waste: Panel and roll

– Production of the developed thermal insulators on a semi-industrial scale


– C2TM: Cluster of Moroccan Technical Textiles


Development of two types of high-performance thermal insulation based on textile waste in the form of a panel and a roll.