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The Metrology Laboratory Serving the Construction Materials Industry

Metrology is a fundamental tool for:

  • Ensuring traceability and reliability of measurements
  • Controlling measurement and inspection processes and guaranteeing product quality
  • Meeting the requirements of customers and order givers
  • Meeting the requirements of the quality approach and accreditation

To connect test equipment and measurement and control instruments and ensure the traceability of measurements, CETEMCO offers its partners an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration and verification service for multiple sizes.

Forces and Related Quantities

Calibration in force up to 3000 kN

  • Concrete presses
  • Compression testing machines
  • Tensile testing machines
  • Bending machines
  • Molds for making concrete and cement specimens, PROCTOR/CBR mold and tamper
  • Grinder, cement mixer, and jolting table
  • Static load resistance testing machines, impact resistance testing machines, static and dynamic puncture resistance testing machines

Temperature and Hygrometry

Calibration in temperature and humidity from -40°C to 1200°C and from 0% to 100% RH

  • Thermometers
  • Ovens
  • Climate chambers
  • Furnaces
  • Thermostatic baths …

Mass and Weighing

Calibration using standard weights and mass comparators

  • Standard weights
  • Balances
  • Scales
  • Concrete batching plants
  • Weighing dynamometers…

Time and Frequency

Verification of testing and control instruments and equipment

  • Time measuring instruments (stopwatches, timers, sieves, centrifuge)
  • Rotation speed generators (winged agitators, stirrers, abrasion tester)
  • Vibration generators (vibrating needle, vibrating table)


Verification of volumetric instruments:

  • Graduated burettes (variable volume)
  • Glass and plastic volumetric flasks and graduated cylinders
  • Piston wash bottles (fixed and variable volume)
  • Graduated pipettes (variable volume) and single-mark pipettes
  • Glass conical flask, Erlenmeyer flask, and pycnometer with fixed and variable volume
  • Glass or plastic Beaker and round flask
  • Le Chatelier volumenometer

Dimensional and Miscellaneous

Dimensional and multi- size verification of testing and analysis equipment

  • Instruments of cement, concrete, ceramic, and precast laboratories…
  • Instruments of industrial, pharmaceutical, and food laboratories…
  • Instruments of environmental analysis and water laboratories

CETEMCO offers its partners a local metrology service

  • Mobile team for on-site intervention and production lines
  • Technical assistance
  • Management of the instrument park

CETEMCO offers its partners an assistance and training service

  • Advice on measurement techniques and methods and uncertainties tailored to customer needs
  • Theoretical and practical training in metrology
  • Support in the implementation of the metrological function