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The THERMAL laboratory

In order to contribute to the improvement and control of buildings’ thermal performance as well as their components, while complying with the construction’s thermal regulation in Morocco, CETEMCO puts a thermal laboratory at the disposal of private or public partners. This laboratory is equipped with various testing devices, thermal diagnosis devices and software in order to evaluate the products and constructive systems’ thermal performances.

Thermal performance of products

You need to determine the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance:

▶ Of a building material: common or lightweight concrete, mortar, brick, bulk product…
▶ Of a thermal insulation product: polystyrene, mineral wool, polyurethane…

Our laboratory offers to perform a test by fluxmeter method as per the standards in force ISO 8301, EN 12664 and EN 12667.

Thermal performance of walls

Thanks to simulation software and thermal calculations compliant with the ISO 6946 standard, we can determine the heat transfer coefficient as well as the thermal resistance of building walls, no matter their shape and composition.

Buildings heat balance

Many homes have heat losses that are invisible to the naked eye as well as significant air infiltration, which makes them energy consuming and uncomfortable during winter and summer seasons. Thus, conducting a thermal assessment adapted to your housing will help you detect these problems and correct them in order to reduce your energy bill.

Our service is based on infrared thermography. This technology allows us to visually inspect each wall, ceiling and woodwork through infrared.