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Environmental analysis

In order to make your industrial sites and installations compliant with the Moroccan environmental legislation, CETEMCO’s environmental laboratory offers several types of analyses on water, air or soil thanks to high level human resources and proven technical methods and tools.

Thus, it ensures:

♦ Air emissions analysis : Assessing air pollution from plant stack gases in accordance with national environmental regulation limits;
♦ Air quality : Measuring air quality in the vicinity of the production site to assess the environmental impact of the activity at hand
♦ Water analysis : Analyzing water quality, measuring wastewater pollution and verifying the compliance of liquid discharges with current regulations;
♦ Work environment analysis : Characterizing work environment for assessing employees’ health and safety risks through the analysis of dust, humidity, noise, light and detection of mold areas;
♦ Waste valorization : Valorizing industrial waste. Indeed, thanks to its various means of experimentation and the proven competence of its engineers in materials engineering, CETEMCO can find the adequate solutions, inexpensive or sometimes even income generating, to rid the industrialists or the community of a problematic waste.