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The LPCR laboratory: Ceramic Products and Coatings

Since 2005, CETEMCO’s LPCR laboratory has been accredited ISO 17025 for performing tests on several products, particularly ceramic tiles, tile adhesives, ornamental and cladding natural stones (marble and granite), sanitary appliances, tableware, cookware and bituminous waterproofing membranes.
Thanks to its 10 highly qualified employees and its comprehensive, high-quality testing and analysis equipment, this laboratory is a national leader in its field. It handles more than 2000 samples per year.
Moreover, this laboratory is also an active member of the technical commissions for standardization of the above mentioned products.

The services offered by this laboratory are addressed to :

  • National manufacturers: for testing compliance with standards as part of production monitoring or as part of NM certification;
  • Importers of products: for compliance verification of imported products as required by the customs services;
  • State services: for market surveillance.

Handicraft products

CETEMCO provides the pottery and zellige craft industry with its expertise in the field of ceramics. It is involved in:

▶ The quality assessment of these products.
▶ The measurement of their compliance with health standards in terms of lead and cadmium emission from their glazed surface.

Waterproofing products

CETEMCO offers a wide range of tests on waterproofing membranes to characterize and identify the performances of waterproof membranes, cold-applied coating (or EIF in French), hot-applied coating (or EAC in French), asphalts etc.

It also offers mechanical performance assessment of waterproofing materials as well as tests on their durability after exposure, through various parameters such as temperature, humidity and UV rays.

It is involved in:
▶ The certification of finished products;
▶ Development or optimization of products by manufacturers;
▶ Compliance control for importation;
▶ Provision of technical advice on construction sites;
▶ The standardization,in which the laboratory actively participates.

Sanitary appliances

Ceramic sanitary appliances are evaluated by several technical instructions requested by the market. These requirements guarantee that products are manufactured using materials with adequate qualities for a safe sanitary use.

For this purpose, CETEMCO provides its customers with a variety of tests on sanitary ware such as mechanical, physical-chemical and functional tests mainly on:
▶ Resistance to contact with chemical products.
▶ Solidity and dimensions of sanitary appliances.
▶ hygiene and efficiency constraints

Ceramic tiles

New production and printing technologies allows to offer a wide range of products, with different aspects and patterns meeting different aesthetic criteria of consumers. However, in order to pick a quality and durable ceramic tile, other parameters must be taken into account.

To address this, CETEMCO provides its customers with many tests on ceramic tiles: mechanical, physical-chemical, geometrical and durability tests.

It is involved in:
▶ Evaluation of ceramic tiles quality
▶ NM certification of ceramic tiles ;
▶ Import control of ceramic tiles according to the law text No. 24-08 ;
▶ Revision of standards for the industry

Natural stones (marble and granite)

Natural stone is frequently used in construction for buildings and civil engineering structures. In the construction industry, it is found both outside (solid wall, flooring or facade …) and inside (flooring, cladding, …).

This diversity of possible uses generates a wide range of different stresses. Thus, in order to ensure an optimal durability of constructions and stone coating, it is advised to wisely choose the stone quality depending on the type of stress to which it will be subjected.

To this end, CETEMCO offers its customers a set of tests on marble, granite and all natural stones: tests on resistance to compression, bending and wear; water absorption, porosity, density…

It is more particularly involved in:

▶Characterization of raw rocks and development of technical data sheet

▶Evaluation of the quality of marble and granite coatings

▶Import control

Tile adhesives

Tile adhesives are mixtures composed of hydraulic binders, aggregates and organic additives. They are mixed only with water or with the mixing liquid just before use.

Choosing an adhesive suitable for the installation and behavior of ceramic tiles is an important step. Knowing their characteristics is primordial to make this choice.

CETEMCO offers numerous tests on tile adhesives including: physical characterizations such as determination of open time and slip, and mechanical characterizations like adhesion tests.