About the project

In Morocco, the market for technical textiles has been growing faster than the average growth of traditional textile industry. With a double-digit growth, the Technical textile market remains a strategic lever for the development of the Moroccan textile industry, particularly through the deployment of the Textile Plan 2025. Thanks to their multiple functions in perfect accordance with the principles of sustainable development, geotextiles are currently in high demand on the Moroccan market in regard to the Green Morocco Plan. This observation was raised by professionals at the 16th edition of the International Building Exhibition (SIB) and at the COP22.
Thus, there is a market with high growth potential for geotextiles in Morocco, this market is currently captured mainly by imports.
In this sense, in 2018/2019, CETEMCO carried out a development project named GEOTEXTILES “Development of textile for technical use for the construction and civil engineering sector”. This is a project conducted in collaboration with C2TM (Cluster of Moroccan Technical Textiles). It is part of the general interest activities of the Center and has received a funding from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Support Fund for Technical Centers “FACET”.


The project consists in developing efficient and competitive geotextile products adapted to the Moroccan market. Thus, the products developed were tested and studied in the CETEMCO laboratories regarding their application on a large scale.


The present project was carried out through the following stages:

– Listing of the geotextiles used and classification of the key players in this sector

– Characterization of reference geotextile products on a laboratory scale

– Development of 3 geotextiles at laboratory scale and experimental validation

– Production of geotextiles developed on a semi-industrial scale


– C2TM (French Acronym) : Moroccan Technical Textiles Cluster

– CNER (French Acronym): National Center for Road Studies and Research

– CMG (French Acronym): Moroccan Committee of Geosynthetics


Development of three geotextile products:
– A geotextile for filtration/separation based on polyester
– A protection geotextile based on polypropylene
– An anti-erosion geotextile based on sisal / Moroccan wool
– Technical guide on geotextiles