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The LHCM laboratory: Hydraulic binders and Characterization of Materials

The fine characterization of materials used in construction products is a prerequisite to any certification or improvement process. For over 20 years, CETEMCO has been working in the field of hydraulic binders (cement, lime and gypsum) and of any mineral material.

Thanks to its ISO 17 025 accreditation, which covers more than 70 tests, CETEMCO takes part every year in the inter-laboratory comparison tests set up by international organizations such as the Technical Association of the Binder Industry (ATILH).

Compliance assessment of hydraulic binders

The cement industry provides manufacturers with a wide variety of cements. Each type has specific characteristics that allow its usage in specific fields.

In order to assess its compliance, CETEMCO offers a set of tests on cement such as:
▶ Chemical tests (sulfates, chloride, reactive silica, alkalis, free lime,…);
▶ Constituents’ content
▶ Physical and mechanical tests (setting time, heat of hydration, mechanical strength, …);
▶ Tests of suitability for use of hydraulic road binders.

Study of suitability and use of clays

Depending on the purpose (cement, ceramics, brick…), CETEMCO offers evaluations of the chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics of clay through :

▶ Technological study (vacuum extrusion, drying, firing…);
▶ Laser diffraction
▶ Density measurement;
▶ X-ray fluorescence spectrometry analysis;
▶ Mineralogical analysis by X-ray diffraction.

Chemical and mineralogical analysis of mineral materials

The Hydraulic Binders and Materials Characterization laboratory also performs beneficiation tests on various types of ores:

▶ Sample preparation, study and beneficiation tests of ores;
▶ Physicochemical characterization of mineral substances and industrial rocks;
▶ Analysis by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry;
▶ Compositional analysis of ore crystalline phases by X-ray diffraction (XRD).