About AZEL

Morocco has experienced a 5% increase in its primary energy demand. This growth is mainly due to a sustained increase in electricity consumption due to the near generalization of rural electrification coupled with the dynamism of the national economy and population growth. In addition, Morocco faces a major energy challenge due to its dependence on imported commercial energy, which accounts for nearly 95% of the country’s overall energy consumption, making the kingdom highly vulnerable to price volatility. The construction sector is the largest energy consumer with a 36% share of the country’s total energy consumption, of which 29% is dedicated to the residential sector and the rest to the tertiary sector. This energy consumption is predicted to go through a rapid increase in the coming years. A restrictive thermal regulation has recently been introduced in Morocco. To meet the requirements of this regulation, we must resort to buildings thermal insulation. The choice is not easy between the various solutions of insulation that exist or to be developed within the national market.
In this context, in 2016/2017, CETEMCO conducted a development project entitled AZEL: “Comparative study of insulation systems and solutions for facade walls, roofs and floors”. This project is part of the general interest activities of the Center and benefited from a funding support from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Fund of Support to Technical Centers “FACET”.


The AZEL project aims to provide a technical manual to guide the solutions to be developed by the Moroccan industrial sector, both technically and economically, in order to ensure a successful transition and optimal implementation of the new thermal regulations coming into force in Morocco.


The project was carried out according to the following main actions:

– Overview of the national context and issues related to the implementation of the Moroccan Thermal Regulations for Construction (RTCM in French)

– Listing and analysis of thermal insulation systems and development of technical data sheets for insulation materials

– Comparative analysis of insulation solutions and development of a technical manual.


– APC: Professional Association of Cement Manufacturers
– AMIB: Moroccan Association of the Concrete Industry.
– Directorate of Quality and Technical Affairs of the Ministry of National Territorial Development, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy
– The Ministry of Energy and Mines
– The Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency


Edition and distribution of a technical reference guide of insulation solutions and systems.