About the project

Morocco is a country in full development in the field of housing, infrastructure and urban development. This development requires the exploitation of huge quantities of construction materials. Despite the rich and varied geology of the country, some resources, especially aggregates, are becoming difficult to exploit due to regional, regulatory, technical, industrial and economic parameters. Among the most critical technical parameters is the chemical and petrographic composition of the deposits. These characteristics have a great influence on the quality and durability of concrete. The knowledge of these parameters for aggregates is sometimes a prerequisite to decide on their use. Indeed, for certain environmental exposure conditions, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of the most adapted aggregates according to the accepted indicators of durability. For each new construction project, this selection requires laboratory tests that vary in terms of length and cost. To facilitate the selection, it would be interesting to have a data bank, by region, of aggregates deposits pre-qualification with regard to the criterion of sustainability.
In this context, in 2018/2019, CETEMCO has completed a development project named: “Formulation and durability of concrete from quarries in different regions of Morocco”. This project is part of the general interest activities of the Center and has received a funding support from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Fund of Support to Technical Centers “FACET”.


This project aims to develop a database of local formulas pre-qualified by targeted quarry located in different regions of Morocco meeting the requirements of quality and sustainability. This database allowed :
– The development of pre-qualified quarries
– A time saving in the phase of building sites preparation for the project owner and the companies.