About the project

With an estimated shortage of 452,000 housing units in 2016 according to the National Survey on Housing Demand, Moroccan authorities are exploring all means to meet the challenge of producing at a lower cost, higher pace, with a quality level above or at least equal to that required by law.

The development of industrial prefabrication of building materials and elements is among the most promising solutions. The industrialization of construction elements would indeed lead to an optimized control of quality, deadlines and costs of the final product. However, the industrialization of constructive elements requires the implementation of a modular system allowing coordination in the building elements’ dimensions. This system will allow industrialists to produce elements in mass.
In this context, in 2016/2017, CETEMCO carried out a development project named ABAAD: “Dimensional coordination of industrial components for construction in Morocco”. This project is part of the community service activities of the Center and has received a funding support from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Support Fund for Technical Centers (or “FACET” in French).


The ABAAD project aims at establishing a model for dimensional coordination of the constructive elements in a consensual way with the construction industry players


The project was carried out through the following main actions:

– International benchmark on successful or unsuccessful dimensional coordination experiences in the construction industry and identification of the causes behind their success or termination

– Focus groups with housing construction stakeholders (public and private owners, main contractors, Ministry of Housing’s technical direction, construction companies and materials manufacturers) in order to identify a system of dimensional coordination and its various industrial applications

– Descriptive analysis of the results and production of a reference and recommendation guide for the implementation of a dimensional coordination in Morocco


– Professional Association of Cement Manufacturers (aka APC in French)
– Moroccan Association of the Concrete Industry. (aka AMIB in French)


Publication of a technical reference and recommendation guide for the implementation of a dimensional coordination in Morocco.