About the project

Ceramic floor coverings are subject to various aggressions (foot traffic, weight of furniture, etc.). Wear and tear conditions vary depending on the type of home. Therefore, before making a tile selection, it is important to ask the following questions: What type of room will the tile be installed in? Will there be a lot of traffic? Will the room be humid, prone to stains and other marks? Is it inside or outside the home? The answers to these questions will determine the specificities of the tile to choose.
In this context, in 2014/2015, CETEMCO conducted a development project named TASNIF: “Use classification of ceramic floor coverings”. This project is part of the general interest activities of the Center and has received a funding support from the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy through the Fund of Support to Technical Centers “FACET”.


The TASNIF project aims :

– To establish a Moroccan technical frame of reference for functional classification of ceramic floor coverings usage taking into account local Moroccan customs; These references are based on the following criteria: Slipperiness, Wear, Punching, Water Absorption, Resistance to Chemical stains. Hence the name GUPAC was given for the classification (acronym of these properties in French)

– Develop a specifications document for the technical classification of premises.


The TASNIF project was carried out through the following main actions:

– Sampling and testing on performance and durability of floor coverings, results’ analysis and proposal of technical specifications for a usage classification;

– Development of a Moroccan technical frame of reference for the classification of ceramic floor coverings usage or “GUPAC” and a specifications document for the classification of premises;

– Elaboration of a GUPAC technical guide.


APIC: Professional Association of Ceramic Industries.


– Edition of the “GUPAC” technical guide

– Adoption in progress by IMANOR of a Moroccan standard for tile usage classification

– CETMCO’s capacity to meet the needs of GUPAC classification, UPEC classification (French tile classification system)…